Next-Gen Management for Next-Gen Applications

Today's applications call for a new management paradigm to support their unique architectures, technologies, and demands

The unprecedented demands on applications have given rise to new requirements for IT management.  Today's business demands -- and the technologies and processes required to support them -- create the need for a new breed of IT management solutions.

Discover how the Boundary solution:

  • Collects data continuously, rather than on an ad hoc, intermittent basis, enabling effective, data-driven analysis.

  • Delivers complete application views, regardless of which application languages, platforms, or infrastructures are being used.

  • Provides up-to-the-second updates, so operations can immediately assess the impact of application or infrastructure changes -- before they result in issues that affect users.

  • Enables application monitoring without requiring any modifications to application code or introducing any latency


Download the white paper, "Next-Gen Management for Next-Gen Applications," and learn how Boundary provides a new kind of application monitoring for new IT architectures.

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